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Kickin' it off

Post by KellanKelloggs on Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:25 am

Well someone's gotta post something, like an introduction.

I'm Kellan, AKA Kelloggs, from Liverpool. I've been PC gaming for well over a decade, despite having consoles when I was younger (the N64 then Gamecube), I always favoured PC games.

Got some great memories of standing up at my dad's PC desk, barely tall enough to be at eye-level with the screen, playing games like Delta Force, Ghost Recon, Half-Life, the first CoD, and Medal of Honour... then after I came into a bit of money I bought my first PC, a Compaq Presario SR series, where BF2 quickly became my favourite game, then BF2142, until I moved on to Steam and found Counter-Strike: Source, Gary's Mod 9, Half-LIfe 2, Half-Life Deathmatch, and all those great games.

Ten-ish years on and I still love the same types of games, but often play some of those oldies for the sake of it, though mainly I play any of these: BF3, CS:GO, ARMA 3, DayZ SA, ARK, L4D & L4D2, Dead Rising 2 & 3, GMod, Insurgency, Verdun, GTA5, and I'm buying new games pretty much weekly now, so if you say it's good then I'll probably buy it.

I've set this gaming group up 'cause my two (yes, just two) gaming fag mates are vampires and don't come online until like midnight, so I'm after more players to come merc' some fools with me during the hours of daylight.

Oh and I'm not expecting anyone to post anything for a few weeks until the numbers build up.



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